6 Tips on How to Improve Communication and Collaboration in the Workplace

It is important to have open communication and a collaborative spirit in the workplace in order for a business to run effectively. If you find you are struggling with this, there are many simple things a business owner or team leader can do to enhance this. many of which should be present in day to day work and business processes while others require larger and one time actions.

The following are six tips for how to improve communication and collaboration in the workplace through business process improvement.

  Show You Are Trustworthy

Your employees need to be able to trust you, but they will not do that if they do not feel you are trustworthy. Show that you are through not just your words but your actions as well.

  Open Your Ears

When a team member comes to you with a question, concern, or suggestion, pay attention. Show that you are by asking questions, providing feedback, and attempting to fix issues they bring up.

  Pay Attention to Strengths and Weaknesses

Take the time to learn each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. When they need to be paired up, this knowledge can ensure that they are assigned the right task and with a person who complements them.

  Create a Collaborative Environment

Although there will be plenty of times that your team members will need to work alone, they need to be accustomed to working as a team as well. Try to include regular team projects and consider hiring “buddies” for certain tasks, meaning if one team member is stuck on a marketing problem, he or she can get the assistance of their buddy. If collaboration is encouraged on a regular basis, it will become a regular part of your workday.

  Have Processes and Workflows In Place

It is much easier to do what needs to be done if you know what that is and how you should do it. Have clear processes in place for how and where to communicate with you and with one another, and be sure that your team knows the processes. There should also be set points at which concerns get pushed up to you and what can be handled by other team members.

  Keep Open Lines of Communication

Communicate with your team through speaking, emailing, and more on a regular basis. Be sure they are also communicating with one another. If all team members become comfortable communicating, they will do it more frequently and effectively.

By setting up effective business processes, or workflows, that implement these tips, communication and collaboration can be a regular part of your day to day work. For help analyzing your business processes and implementing business process improvement, contact Barkun Consulting today.


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