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Modern Apartment Block

Multi-Family Rental Technology Strategy

If you want an efficient and effective plan to market and rent out an inventory of multi-family units, I can help you build and execute a strategy. I will design your processes, select and implement modern software to support them, establish market appropriate pricing and deal packages and train your rental staff on how to use everything so they can effectively rent out your property. 

Apartment Building

Property Management Technology Strategy

If you want an efficient and effective property management operation, I can help you make a plan for this. I will help you identify and document processes, select the appropriate software platforms to support them, as well as help you establish appropriate policies. I can also help you identify innovative ways to reduce controllable costs in a variety of categories so your operating expenses remain tightly in control. 

Electric Car

Electric Vehicle Chargers and Grants

If you are thinking about installing electric vehicle chargers at your property, I can help you figure out a plan of action for this such as how many you may need, where they should be placed, what infrastructure requirements are necessary and how much it will all cost. Depending on what is available, I can also help you get government grant money to pay for it. 

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Wayfinding Signage Planning

If you are planning to put together a series of signs to help people navigate their way through a property and make it easy to get around, I can put together a signage plan for you and help you figure out how much it will cost. 

Technology Recommendations

If you are looking to implement new technology, I can help you figure out what you are missing and how to fill that gap. Topics may include property management and rent collection, project management, chat, accounting and asset management, marketing & leasing or other functions to serve your specific needs. I keep a close eye on innovations, and I can help you find the ideal solution for your needs. 


Work Management Plan

If you are looking to improve your organization's productivity, collaboration and efficiency, a work management plan will help you. Work management is a combination of Business Process management (BPM), Project Management (PM), Task management and other topics that will holistically drive greater efficiency and productivity so you can free up time to focus on higher value work or get out of the office faster! 


Technology Stack Audit

If you are unsure whether the technology you have in place is right for you, an analysis of this collection of tools can be very helpful. You will gain a deeper understanding of what features, functionality, projects and processes are supported, where there are gaps, what people are frustrated with or don't understand, and most importantly, how to fill all of these gaps.